I’ve got some great news! Or should I say, “buenas noticias“? The Spanish version of “Glass Walls”, narrated by Mexican TV star Marco Regil, has just been released! This means that more people will find out about the cruelty of the meat industry and how they can help stop it by just going vegan. 🙂

To celebrate the launch of “Glass Walls” in Spanish, peta2 and PETA Latino teamed up with Marco to hold a screening and a Q&A session at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles! More than 150 students gathered to watch the video, hear Marco’s story, ask questions, and, of course, say hi to peta2’s own Nugget. The students also got to grub on yummy vegan food, including delicious burritos from Chipotle—talk about a fiesta, right? Check out some awesome pics from the event:

Student at Spanish Glass Walls Launch

Vegan lunch at RHSJoin Marco and the millions of others speaking up for animals by going vegan—we have a two-week sample menu to help you get started! Don’t forget to check out our Spanish “Glass Walls” video and share it with everyone you know.P.S. Speak Spanish? Check out the PETALatino Facebook for more ways that you can help animals!