Think about your dad. What comes to mind? If you’re as lucky as Michael Franti’s son, your dad’s not only the lead singer of a famously socially conscientious reggae band that has toured with Ziggy Marley and U2, he’s also a dedicated vegan environmentalist who’s out to save the world and all the animals in it!

“Power to the peaceful!” is Michael’s battle cry. He wants peace for the planet, for all people, and for all animals. He has dedicated his music and his life to that message, and now he wants everyone to know that to bring peace to all, you have to be vegan, too.

Not quite vegan yet? Listen to the vegetarian hotline recording that Michael recorded for us and then pledge to try veganism.

If you’re feeling a little disappointed in your old man after hearing how rad Michael is, go easy on him. Even Michael Franti wasn’t always this cool. In fact, he wasn’t even vegan until his son showed him the way. So keep encouraging your dad to try those veggie burgers, and watch the video to find out what inspired Michael to make the switch.