Have you had your daily dose of WTF? Well, allow me. DYK that humans are paying (a lot) to have people rub freaking fish eggs, or “roe,” on their faces?! ?

Here are seven reasons you should avoid caviar facials, caviar masks, and caviar extract:

1. Did that video make you want to vom? ? If you didn’t catch it in the stomach-turning footage, sturgeons—the fish ? whose eggs are used for caviar—are really smart and sensitive individuals.

2. Overfishing has depleted the sturgeon population in the wild, so caviar producers use industrialized aquaculture farms (aka “fish factory farms”) where the fish are forced to swim around in their own waste and many suffer from rampant diseases.

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3. Just like all other animals, fish can feel pain. But on these farms, workers cut females open while they’re still alive and rip the eggs from their ovaries—all for caviar. Without a doubt, this results in an excruciating death for the fish. ?

4. Caviar is made by gruesomely killing fish, ripping their eggs out, and then separating the eggs from lumps of tissue and fat. LUMPS?OF?TISSUE?AND?FAT!

5. Now some humans are taking those eggs and rubbing them on their faces, in hopes that doing so will make them look younger. ?

6. Those offering caviar treatments usually claim that they can help replenish minerals and other nutrients in the skin. But Dr. David Leffell, a leading dermatologist, points out that it’s impossible for humans to absorb nutrients through their skin. Sooooo … there’s that.

7.  No one NEEDS to kill fish and rub their eggs on their face. Just like other animals, fish experience pain and fear—and they want to live. When they’re yanked from the water, it’s a terrifying and excruciating experience for them.

Just in case it’s not already clear, let’s all agree right now that caviar is disgusting. Never eat it, and don’t get duped into rubbing it on your face, either. Try out some of these safe and cruelty-free beauty recipes instead.