I am sick of “it!”

WTF am I talking about? Let me explain:

When you’re talking about an animal—whether they’re your animal bestie or someone else’s, or an animal confined on a factory farm or in a laboratory—they’re not something, they’re someone.

Saying “it” perpetuates the idea that animals are not living, breathing, feeling beings—and are instead inanimate objects. Please, use terms like “he” and “she” whenever possible and avoid using “it.”

My Hannah is not an “it”!

This may seem like a small thing—but language really does matter. The way we talk about issues, people, and animals is important and reflects how we feel and think about them. It’s the same reason why calling someone “gay” or “retarded” is NEVER OK.

I promise—once you start realizing how often you say “it” and start to liberate your language, hearing someone refer to an animal as an “it” will become cringe-worthy. Animals are all unique individuals worthy of our consideration and respect, right? Make it sound that way!