After receiving a disturbing report and photos from a distraught John Jay High School (JJHS) student who claims that another student stole a dead cat from a dissection laboratory and placed the cat’s body on a student’s car as a cruel joke, PETA sent an urgent letter to JJHS Principal Robert Harris calling on him to investigate the incident and prevent similar future occurrences by replacing animal dissection with humane and modern alternatives which PETA has offered to donate to the school. Harris has confirmed that those responsible for the prank are being disciplined accordingly and that the school is currently considering PETA’s offer to donate modern, computer-based anatomy software to replace cat dissection.

peta2 has said time after time that encouraging students to cut open dead animals encourages a belief that animals are nothing but classroom tools, to be used and thrown away.

Each year in the U.S., an estimated 10 million animals are killed for dissection. Many come from biological supply companies, which breed some animals and capture other animals from their wild homes. These companies also purchase stray, lost, and abandoned cats from animal shelters or from “bunchers”—dealers who illicitly obtain animals from backyards and streets in the U.S. and Mexico.

Want to help stop pranks like this? Don’t dissect. Thirteen states have dissection choice policies—if your state isn’t one of those 13, click here!