Talking to someone about animal rights can be a little scary at first—imagine doing it in front of a judging panel! Well, that’s just what eight middle school students did.

Animal testing debate team.

Eight remarkable and compassionate students with the Michigan-based Stars Educational Consortium recently participated in a debate on animal experimentation judged by Michigan state legislators at the University of Michigan. The team decided to speak up for animals by explaining how animal testing is not only cruel but also scientifically flawed. After they decided that they wanted to argue for the animals’ side, the students and their debate coach reached out to PETA. We helped them gear up for the debate, and guess what? THEY WON! 🙂 We want to congratulate and thank Chintan Maheshwari, Jagjeet Wani, Sujit Meka, Rohan Nuthakki, Nikhil Yadati, Raghav Jain, Renuka Wagh, and Shreya Mullapudi for being a voice for animals locked in laboratories everywhere!

Want to help animals used in cruel experiments? Here’s how:


It’s that simple. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget to order your very own cruelty-free pocket shopping guide!