Every year, millions of animals are used for classroom dissection. This is still going on even though superior and humane alternative teaching methods exist. Not only is dissection cruel, it also is terrible for the environment and teaches students that animals’ lives have no value.


Sixty-three percent of students in U.S. public schools cannot be forced to participate in animal dissection because they’re protected by dissection-choice policies. But unfortunately, many students still have no idea that they have the right to say no.

Here are 14 tweets from students who got real about dissection.

These students were reduced to tears:

These poor people got physically ill:

These people felt heartbroken after dissecting:

Check out this student’s weird, gross experience:

These students refused to dissect:

Animals deserve better than to be cut apart in a lab! You can say NO to this cruelty.

Click on the map to find out if your state or school has a dissection-choice policy that gives you the right to say NO to cutting up a dead animal. 

State Dissection Map

If your state or school district is behind the times, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered:

Dissection Kills