Using their hometown of Flint, Michigan, as both a driving force to succeed and to escape, the members of punk-rock foursome The Swellers have never been content to settle.

Gaining a reputation early on for hard work, fast songs, and catchy choruses, The Swellers—comprised of brothers Nick and Jonathan Diener along with Ryan Collins and Anto Boros—have been part of the Fueled By Ramen and Side One Dummy rosters and have stuck to their DIY guns with their recently self-released EP.

After being told by a teacher that no one could survive on a vegan diet, a precocious teenage Nick Diener set out to prove her wrong and set the stage for his commitment to living a cruelty-free life. Watch an interview with Nick and Jonathan Diener to hear how their buck-the-system attitude led to animal activism. 

My goal in life is to reduce suffering in the world as much as I possibly can. Everybody owes it to themselves and the world to think about what they’re eating.

Aside from being a proven way to get healthy and lose weight, a vegan diet also saves the lives of more than 100 animals every year. With every meal you eat, you get to decide whether to support an industry that exploits animals for profit and is devastating the environment or to literally save an animal’s life and look and feel better while doing it.

“Going to your grocery store, whatever you buy is a vote for what you’re supporting,” Jonathan tells peta2. If you’re ready to give a vegan diet a shot, sign up to receive FREE recipes once a week!