Taco Bell recently upset many of its customers when it switched its rice from fully vegan to including butter.

Why the fast-food chain would alter its rice when omnivores, vegans, and people with lactose allergies alike enjoyed it is uncertain. Some speculated that dairy lobbyists paid the restaurant to make the change. Regardless, people were NOT happy.

One tweet alerting Twitter users to the disappointing change received hundreds of retweets:

People made it clear that they felt betrayed by the company’s strange decision:

Someone even created a “Taco Bell Rice Watch” Twitter account to monitor the food chain’s menu item in the hope that it would be made vegan again:

But then, something wonderful happened:

Taco Bell recognized its customers concerns and knew it had to change back to vegan rice. ?

“We worked closely with our supplier to make it happen as quickly as possible to let our vegan fans know we were committed,” said Alec Boyle, the chain’s spokesman. “We recognize we have a lot of vegans and vegetarians who come to us, and that even meat-eaters and flexitarians come to us and enjoy our vegan products.”

The Twitterverse exploded with excitement when the chain announced that its rice was vegan again:

Some users even took the opportunity to ask similar fast-food chains like Del Taco to follow Taco Bell’s lead and start including more animal-free options:

This goes to show that positive change can happen when people politely pressure establishments to include vegan options. You can help perpetuate changes like this one by letting your favorite restaurants know why including vegan options in their menus helps to reduce cruelty to animals.

We animals- Jo Anne McArthur

Animals like cows suffer greatly when they’re used for dairy foods. In the commercial diary industry, workers routinely take calves away from their moms on the same day that they’re born, resulting in extreme distress for both mother and baby. The cows are impregnated over and over and used as milking machines until their milk production declines and they’re slaughtered.

By choosing vegan items at places like Taco Bell, you won’t be involved in this cruelty!

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