YouTuber and actor Teala Dunn certainly knows how to light up a room with her dazzling smile and sparkling personality. She also knows how to use her powerful voice to stick up for animals! Check out her super-foxy ad:

“I wouldn’t want to wear my dog’s fur, so why would I want to wear fox fur or just any [other] type of fur?”—Teala Dunn

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Teala is no stranger to fashion, and she always makes sure to shop with compassion. She wants her fans to know how important it is to shop fur-free. If she’s looking for a cool jacket or pom-pom with a furry look, she makes sure to read the labels carefully and choose faux every time. Check out her rad behind-the-scenes vid!

Shopping Shouldn’t Come With a Hidden Cruelty Fee

“If you wear real fur, you’re … glorifying the fact that animals are getting skinned alive and are getting electrocuted every single day.”—Teala Dunn

Animals who are killed for their fur endure miserable lives. Millions of foxes, rabbits, minks, raccoons, and other animals are killed for their fur every year. Eight-five percent of these animals live on fur farms, which is essentially hell on Earth for them.

Because there are no federal laws to protect animals on fur factory farms, fur farmers use particularly cruel and painful killing methods in order to preserve the quality of the animals’ fur and maximize profits. Slaughtering methods include the following:

  • Cramming small animals into boxes and poisoning them with hot, unfiltered gas engine exhaust from a truck (Because engine exhaust isn’t always lethal, some animals wake up while they’re being skinned alive.)
  • Forcing rods into animals’ mouths and anuses or vaginas and electrocuting them
  • Poisoning them with strychnine, which suffocates animals by paralyzing their muscles with extremely painful cramps

Other gruesome slaughtering methods include neck-breaking, gassing, and decompression chambers.

Plus, if you buy fur products, you could be wearing a dog’s fur. More than half the fur in the U.S. comes from China, where millions of cats and dogs are slaughtered—and often skinned alive—for their fur. Since fur that comes from China is often mislabeled, you can’t be entirely sure of who you’re wearing.

Like Teala, You Can Make a Difference

Cruelty-free shopping is fun, affordable, and super-easy! With fur-free, fashion-forward brands like ASOS, Free People, and Zara, shopping with compassion is easier than ever.

Like Teala, you can turn heads in your gorgeous vegan clothing. Check out our fashion advice, shop with compassion, and let the world see your personal ultra-chic fashion style.

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