Ted Leo has been called a mod-punk savant, a rebel without a pause, and an indie king of kings. Although he is every single one of these things, we think of him most as our friend and a friend to animals. Ted has been an outspoken vegan for more than 10 years and has never been one to shy away from his convictions. As he says on his new album, Living With the Living, “What I stand for, I mostly stand behind. What I am, I mostly can’t hide.”

Ted has been mixing punk and politics since the ’80s and is now making a statement about being vegan in peta2’s new “Love Animals?Don’t Eat Them” ad. Take a look at the aforementioned ad to your right, and then check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot below.

Seeing Ted’s new ad and hearing him talk about animals made you happy, didn’t it? Good, then our job here is done. Well, we do have another lil’ something to make you even happier: a chance to make a new start and go vegetarian! Just click on the button below and you are on your way.