Do you remember PETA’s investigation of Sun Pet—an animal supplier to PetSmart and PETCO?

Video footage and photos taken by PETA’s investigator showed the widespread suffering of hundreds of birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, and rats in Sun Pet’s enormous warehouses. One worker put live hamsters into a bag and then bashed the bag against a table in an attempt to kill them—one of the animals was seen suffering and panting heavily minutes later.

PetSmart is currently running a “Happy Experience” promotion—asking animal lovers to share “happy experiences” they’ve had at the store. Tell PetSmart that cruelty isn’t a “happy experience” for the animals who suffer to end up on their store shelves.

PetSmart supplier Sun Pet wasn’t a “happy experience” for hamsters thrown into a plastic bag and slammed against a counter while still alive. ❤ animals❤  Don’t buy them from pet stores that sell them!

Thanks for speaking up for the little ones!