One of the strongest drives for a musician is for their voice to be heard. Lyrics provide an undeniable platform to say whatever needs to be said, whether that’s about a long lost love, recent heartache, or the current state of the world. The Agonist is a fiery metal band from Montréal known for beautiful vocals juxtaposed with deep metal growls. Lead siren and vocal vixen Alissa White-Gluz isn’t afraid to use her voice, and now she’s speaking out for seals all across Canada. Alissa is so adamantly opposed to the annual Canadian seal slaughter that she lent herself—and her voice—to us for an ad, insistently stating, “Bang your own head, not a seal’s.”

Check out our ad starring Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist, and take a stand against the cruel seal slaughter by writing to the Canadian government today!

It’s time to put Canada’s shame—the annual seal slaughter, during which hundreds of thousands of harp seals are beaten to death—in the spotlight. Every year at this time, sealers take to the ice to bludgeon migrating seals and their babies, all for the sake of selling fur pelts on the international market. If there were no demand for fur, there would be no seal slaughter. We don’t understand why people would want to wear a dead animal (and contribute to the devastating environmental effects of fur production), and neither does Alissa. Watch our exclusive video with Alissa—a lifelong vegetarian—to learn why she is so passionate and willing to stick up for seals and why she will always take a stand for animal rights. Then take a stand yourself by writing to the Canadian government!