The Dillinger Escape Plan for peta2 Many of you are already very familiar with the sensitive guys in The Dillinger Escape Plan from their previous work with peta2 on the “Angels for Animals” campaign and their vegan bassist Liam Wilson. Did they stop there? Nope, not even close. The band has recently taken a stand against the largest massacre of marine mammals on the planet: the annual Canadian seal slaughter. Check out The Dillinger Escape Plan’s ad speaking out against the seal slaughter.

The Dillinger Escape Plan simply never slow down. If you haven’t watched them live, be prepared to potentially have a guitar come inches from your head (if you are daring enough to stand up front) or have a few bodies land on you, as the band likes to jump into the crowd. In their continual quest to give back, the band not only did this public service announcement for peta2 but also made this great insert for their record Option Paralysis, which speaks out against fur.

If you want to be just like the awesome guys in Dillinger, then take that next step and write to the Canadian government asking it to end the annual massacre on ice.