Since the beginning of September, there had been a good chance that you might have walked out of your dorm, only to find a giant red barn that wasn’t there the previous day. Yes, peta2’s “Glass Walls” exhibit came to life this fall and lived vivaciously through its first tour.

Taken by PETA employee Ryan Huling. Permission to use.  

From the University of California–Los Angeles and Weber State University in Utah to the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and Yale University, students at dozens of top schools nationwide were able to experience firsthand what life is like for animals on factory farms. Students read educational panels, climbed into a gestation crate to see the world from a mother pig’s perspective, and watched the Paul McCartney–narrated exposé “Glass Walls.” And our dedicated tour crew was with them every step of the way!

The Tour Crew: Radish, Rocio, Lisa, and Yennifer peruse their latest article.

In total, tens of thousands of students made their way through the exhibit this fall, each of whom walked away with free vegan food samples, peta2 stickers, and information about how they can adopt a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.

The inaugural tour that swept the nation may be over, but have no fear—we’ll be sweeping through again this spring! If your student group is interested in hosting this groundbreaking display, drop us a line.

As the saying goes, “If all colleges hosted the ‘Glass Walls’ exhibit, every student would be vegan.” 🙂