Following a PETA campaign, five bears have been saved from a hellish traveling act called The Great Bear Show. They’re now settling into their spacious new home at the Keepers of the Wild Sanctuary in Arizona, where they’ll no longer be forced to perform stupid tricks out of fear, have to pose for photos with tourists, or be confined to lonely, cramped cages.

At Keepers of the Wild, the bears are already enjoying swimming in a spacious pool, sprawling out near their dens, and snoozing under shady trees.

But they weren’t always living the good life: While they were being trucked across the country by The Great Bear Show, the bears were confined to a barren cage or chained to a chair for degrading photo ops with the public and their captors forced them to perform meaningless, confusing, and often uncomfortable tricks, such as rolling on a barrel.

the great bear show cruelty

One look at this video showing what the bears had to endure will break your heart:

Compassionate people all over the country took action by urging county fairs and other venues to cancel The Great Bear Show acts, and PETA repeatedly tipped off federal authorities to the bears’ apparent suffering, causing the show to be cited numerous times for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

the great bear show cruelty

Nineteen-year-old Cindi was repeatedly observed pacing continuously (a sign of psychological distress), 27-year-old Andy was confined to hard concrete floors despite his painful arthritis, and 4-year-old Barney showed signs of an irritating skin condition for years.

the great bear show cruelty

PETA helped to cover costs associated with the rescue, including a donation for the bear’s new habitat. For years, these bears knew only misery, but now, they finally know what it’s like to live as bears should.❤

You can help other bears like them.

Although The Great Bear Show has closed, other animals are still suffering at tourist attractions all over the world. You can help them by refusing to participate in animal photo ops or any other activity that uses them for entertainment.

Tell Castle’s Bears to stop forcing bears to do stupid tricks and to retire them to a reputable sanctuary.