I’ve had the pleasure of having kitties in my life for as long as I can remember. I’m a crazy cat lady at heart. 🙂 I basically speak their language and have some mad cat psychology skills, so I thought I’d share a few helpful tips and “do’s and don’ts” regarding litterboxes.

abbamouse / CC by 2.0

  1. Give your kitty privacy! You don’t see me poopin’ with the door open while people are walking by… we should give our kitties that same respect. Be sure to put your cat’s litterbox in a “low traffic” area of your house. Also, you should have one litterbox per cat (imagine sharing one toilet with a whole house full of people… not cool).
  2. Scoop that poop! Cats are super clean and don’t like using dirty litterboxes (duh, right?). Would you go potty in an unflushed toilet? Yeah, didn’t think so. Scoop the litter box twice a day and replace all the litter in the box monthly.
  3. Don’t get mad at kitty for going outside the litterbox… Check yo’self! Is the litterbox clean? Have you recently changed the brand of litter? Or could your cat be sick and trying to tell you something? Contact your vet if your cat has diarrhea or is having “accidents” outside the litterbox.

Basically, what it boils down to, is treat your cat the way you would like to be treated. Makes sense, right?

Above all, be patient with your cats. They depend on you, and while you may be busy or have other places to be or people to see, they have only you. Give them the love and care that they not only need but also deserve.

Meow. >^..^<