What makes a video horrifying? That’s easy—living beings trapped in a tiny enclosure for most of their lives, having sensitive body parts chopped off without painkillers, being repeatedly beaten with metal rods and canes, having metal rods shoved up their anuses and hard canes rammed into their vaginas, being slammed head first against the ground and left to convulse and slowly die, and being forced by captors to move … even with injuries so severe that they have to drag their legs behind their bodies. This is the stuff that horror movies are made of.

I don’t think many will argue with the notion that factory farms and slaughterhouses are the perfect backdrops for horror movies—there are strange metal contraptions everywhere, along with hooks for hanging bodies, gates, conveyor belts, metal rods and canes, violent workers, knives, blades, blood and body parts, and even powerful bolt guns that are *supposed* to kill when driven into the brain. So it’s no surprise that the factory farm video footage from “The Most Horrifying Video You’ll Ever See!” is legitimately horrifying.

So many people LOVE to watch horror movies but don’t even realize that these gory scenes happen in real life. That’s why YOU should take the opportunity this Halloween to show everyone just how gruesome factory farming is. All you need to do is share “The Most Horrifying Video You’ll Ever See!” on Facebook or Twitter. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s the deal:

Here’s an example:

Thanks for speaking up for all victims of abuse—not just the human kind.