When I’m in the mood for pop songs that I can sing along to (and can’t get out of my head), I put on The Ready Set. Jordan Witzigreuter has been writing catchy pop tunes under The Ready Set moniker ever since he was a teenager, and when his debut single “Love Like Woe” fell into the hands of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, Witzigreuter was signed to Wentz’s new joint venture with Decaydance/Sire Records before you could say “Whoa.” Now 21 years old and steadily climbing the Top 40 charts, Witzigreuter is joining up with peta2 to take a stand against fur. Check out our  “Grow Your Own Fur” public service announcement.

The Ready Sets - Jordan - peta ad

Why wear the fur of a dead animal when you can grow your very own? That’s the point that The Ready Set aims to make by supporting our “Grow Your Own Fur” campaign. There is nothing compassionate about backing an industry filled with filth, disease, and torturous death. Animals who are raised on fur farms—including rabbits, raccoons, foxes, dogs, and cats—suffer miserable lives before they are cruelly killed in the name of fashion. Fur production also wreaks havoc on the environment—it requires a large amount of energy, and the final product is not biodegradable because chemicals are used to keep the fur from rotting. Take a look at our video with Witzigreuter and learn exactly why he’s supporting the cause.


Check out why Jordan from The Ready Set ♥s our “Grow Your Own Fur” campaign!

It’s not hard to live a fur-free life. It’s rather simple, actually. Don’t buy fur, don’t wear it, and if you see people wearing fur, kindly ask them if they know where it came from. You can even take a stab at growing some of your very own fur or representing with some fabulous faux-fur facial props. The Ready Set did it—so can you!