The Starting Line wants you to stand up for what you believe in, and so do we. We caught up with Kenny and Brian on Warped Tour and picked their brains about all sorts of things, like how they first heard about peta2 for instance. Oddly enough, Kenny first heard about us while hanging with Brian’s cousin who just happened to be vegetarian.

They also raved about the great vegan food they had on Warped Tour this summer, which is really a testament to Warped’s catering staff. Being from Philly, these guys know good veg food, what with being so close to amazing places like Gianna’s Grille, Govinda, and Horizons, which just happen to be a few of their favorites.

Since we knew that “Cut Out Dissection” Month was coming up (it’s October, in case you were wondering), we also talked about dissection, something that Kenny and Brian agreed no one should be forced to participate in.

Each year, millions of animals are violently killed and shipped off to schools just so kids can cut them up in science class, even though there are literally thousands of alternatives available. If leading veterinary schools, colleges, and even medical schools offer dissection alternatives, you have to wonder why anyone’s dissecting animals any more.

So join the ever-increasing number of students who are saying “no” to slicing and dicing animals and exercise your right to refuse to dissect.