You’re really not going to forget a name—or a band—like The Suicide Machines. After forming in 1991, the foursome worked their hometown of Detroit before taking their Motor City rock ’n’ roll work ethic to the remainder of the country—and shortly thereafter, to the entire planet, having now completed several tours of Japan, Canada, the U.K., and Europe.

Their sound is nothing short of pummeling, gut-churning old-school punk with undertones of ska and hardcore. Believing that change is the best route, they’ve tried something different at each studio session and have managed to broaden their musical output without losing their core.

While managing to remain fun and playful, the band doesn’t shy away from social commentary—most notably statements that demand an end to hate and intolerance. Not necessarily a political band, The Suicide Machines definitely tell it like it is, and vegetarian singer Jason Navarro did just that when we tapped him for an interview earlier this summer at the Warped Tour. After you hear Jason out, you’re going to have to be satisfied a little while longer (unless you care to trot off to Japan to catch their current tour) with a listen to their latest, A Match and Some Gasoline.