The Vamps’ guitarist and singer James McVey is pretty well-versed in being in the spotlight—but this time, it’s all about the chicks! As a proud vegetarian, James encourages fans to leave animals off their plates and shares the message that chickens are social and smart. 

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James stars in an exclusive interview with peta2 to explain that chickens and other animals used for food are as deserving of our kindness and compassion as our companion animals are. Chickens have complex social structures, dream, and enjoy sunbathing, just like humans, dogs, and cats do—they should never be exploited for their flesh. Here’s what James says:

“Chickens are intelligent animals, just like dogs and cats. … [T]hey’re not animals [who] should be used for nuggets or drumsticks.” 

Watch to find out why chicks love vegetarians:

The animal-agriculture industry forces animals to endure brief lives in cramped, filthy conditions. They are denied everything that is natural and important to them and will eventually be transported to slaughterhouses, where their throats will be slit. The factory-farming industry slaughters billions of animals every year. As James says, by not supporting this cruel trade, you can save animals’ lives:


“There are tons of ways that we can all help animals, and I think number one should be keeping them off our plate.”         


Going meat-free can also improve your health, reducing your risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Maybe you can even challenge James in the heartthrob stakes! 

We can get you started with helpful hints and recipes in our FREE ‘Guide to Going Vegan’:

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