My fave part of not being a meat-munchin’ zombie is discovering the buttloads of tasty-ass flesh-free recipes, especially the comfort foodie ones—like pizza!

Even if you lack culinary skills (raising hand) and/or are mega lazy (raising other hand), pizza—or in this case, pizza rolls—are super fun and easy to whip up. What I like best about these rolls is that you can stuff ’em with anything you like (I plan on gettin’ funky with this recipe and throwin’ in some jalapeño peppers and hot sauce, ’cause mama likes it SPICY)! Mmmm… H-u-n-g-r-y!!

The ever charming Vegan Zombie has graciously shared his vegan pizza roll recipe with all of us, so get excited! Here ’tis:

Which delish vegan ingredients are goin’ in your pizza rolls?