From the humble beginnings of basement shows in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to headlining stints on Warped Tour and opening for The CureThursday has emerged from the ashes of their screamo roots to become true innovators in rock. With constant touring and an uncompromising fan base, Thursday is the band to reckon with. But as far as peta2 is concerned, that’s just 50 percent of their likeability factor.

The other half is that they take pride in standing up for animals: Drummer Tucker Rule has been vegetarian for more than 16 years; singer Geoff Rickly knows that you shouldn’t breed and buy while animals die; and Tom Keeley and Tim Payne even starred in our cute peta2 companion animal ad with their dogs Kiko and Dexter (look right).

We recently caught up with Geoff, Tom, and Tucker backstage at Warped Tour, and we found out why Tucker won’t eat his animal friends, why Tom opts to adopt, and exactly just how much Geoff hates KFC. See the whole thing for yourself below …

If you come away from this interview with anything, it should be that—like Geoff—you, too, can use your finger to show KFC exactly what you think of it. So go ahead and flip the bird at KFCs far and wide and then post the results on peta2’s Flickr page. On your way home from giving KFC the finger with your friends, pop in the new Thursday album, A City by the Light Divided, and you will indeed have a good day. But before you get to it, click on the button below to take the pledge to boycott KFC—and really stick it to the Colonel!