Well, it all started at the Warped Tour (where else?) when Thursday’s vegan lead singer, Geoff Rickly, hooked up with peta2.com to talk animal rights. Geoff and the Thursday crew are known for speaking out against puppy mills, supporting animal shelters, and encouraging people to be responsible, loving guardians to their furry, four-legged friends. We couldn’t agree more, so out of this blossoming friendship came our brand-new “Are you ready for an 18-year commitment?” print ad, which was shot in Tom’s front yard in New Jersey with Tim and Tom’s dogs, Kiko and Dexter, and the help of Revolver photographer Justin Borucki. You can watch the video B-roll from the photo shoot here.

Why is it so important to Thursday that they get the word out about taking care of animal companions? Well, they know how cute puppies are (have you seen Kiko and Dexter?). But they also know how big of a responsibility they can be.

So before you dash off to the animal shelter, Thursday want you to ask yourself, “Am I ready for an 18-year commitment?”

How about 5:30 a.m. walks in the rain and cold? Carrying poop in plastic baggies three times a day? An apartment that smells like dog farts? Your roommate’s wrath after she finds vomit or hairballs on her new IKEA area rug? Parting with $500 in the first year alone for neutering, shots, licensing, and food? Sitting up all night at the emergency vet clinic after Fido swallows tin foil? Having a damn hard time finding an apartment? Shelling out cash for a dog walker/doggie daycare/cat-sitter? Repeating all this until you’re approaching 40?

Sharing your life with a dog or cat is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, but if you aren’t ready for it, you both wind up suffering.

Animals are too precious to be acquired on a whim. They require a serious investment of time, resources, and love for the animal’s entire lifetime. When you have all this to give, without compromise, head to an animal shelter or rescue group (never a pet store or breeder, which sentence millions of homeless animals to death through breeding programs) and find yourself a life-long friend.

If you don’t have the time or money to adopt right now, consider volunteering at your local animal shelter or offering to walk your neighbor’s dog on a regular basis. Sharing a little TLC with a furry friend in need is guaranteed to leave you both feeling warm and fuzzy.