According to news reports, a zookeeper at the Palm Beach Zoo has just died after a Malayan tiger attacked her. 

The incident happened inside an enclosed area behind the scenes. The tiger was tranquilized, and the employee, Stacey Konwiser, was flown to a nearby hospital where she later died from her injuries. 

Today’s incident is only the latest in a long list of fatal animal attacks around the world, and that list will continue to grow as long as tigers and other exotic animals are locked in cages and compounds for human amusement. In nature, tigers have home ranges of hundreds of miles, so it’s no wonder that confining them to small spaces causes them to lash out in frustration. In zoos, tigers are denied their freedom and the ability to behave normally in every way—including choosing their mates, raising their babies, and seeking privacy from prying eyes. 

malayan tiger

A Malayan tiger, like the one pictured here, attacked a zookeeper who later died from her injuries.

PETA and peta2 send our condolences to the zoo employee’s family and hope that this incident will make zoos everywhere reconsider confining big cats and other wildlife to cages and save human lives in the future. 

 Never visit the zoo or any place that uses animals for profit!

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