In response to a PETA Australia campaign, Tinder sent out a message to its users: “It’s time for the tiger selfies to go.” We’re so stoked that the dating app is recognizing how f*cked up those photos actually are.

tinder tiger selfies

If you’ve ever used a dating app, you know there’s no shortage of people who pose with animals. On the surface, these photos might look harmless, but the truth is that they mean a lifetime of misery for a baby tiger or any other animal forced to pose for pictures at a roadside zoo or other tourist attraction.

Baby tigers used at photo attractions in the U.S. and internationally are frequently abducted from their distraught mothers when they’re just days old. They’re subjected to extreme stress and often to physical abuse.

tinder tiger selfies

Once the tigers are no longer babies and become too large and dangerous to pose for pictures, they’re typically shipped off to other roadside zoos or warehoused and forgotten.

Wild animal photo ops have nothing to do with conservation, despite the claims that tourist traps make to get you to participate. The animals offered up for selfies are bred for only one reason: to make money.

Tinder tiger selfies

It’s not only tigers who suffer for photos—avoid any place that allows people to interact with bears, monkeys, alligators, lions, elephants, or any other animal and that charges for a photo op with these animals.

tinder wild animal selfies

Tinder promises “that your profile will be just as fierce without the drugged animals,” and we couldn’t agree more! This cruel trend is SO over.

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