Tom Hardy isn’t exactly known for being a sweetheart on screen. Roles like super-villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and post-apocalyptic road warrior Max in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road show that he has a knack for playing gritty, violent characters. But behind the scenes, his love for animals is enough to make you swoon. (See exhibits A and B.)

While filming Lawless in Atlanta, Hardy spotted a dog running loose on the highway and sprang into action—catching the dog, naming him Woodstock, and bringing him home to London. Now, Hardy is encouraging others to find their own “biggest fan” by adopting an animal.

Tom Hardy "Adoption Is Love" peta2 PSA

“[T]o me, a dog actually is the heart of a family in many ways, in life,” Hardy told Vulture in the fall. “A dog is important because its unconditional love is there, and it’s the hearth of the home. If a dog is there, and a dog is happy, … then you know it’s a happy home.”

I couldn’t agree more! Before bringing home your biggest fan, read peta2’s 15 Things to Think About Before Adopting a Dog and Seven Surprising Foods You Should Never Feed to Dogs or Cats.

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