It’s happened! Tonight Alive is officially one of our most favorite break-out bands of the year!

These kids have been EVERYWHERE lately. They’ve been slaying hard, blowing up the Warped Tour, and sharing the stage with all our friends, like Never Shout NeverMan Overboard, and Anberlin. And have you seen them in just about every music magazine out there?

Tonight Alive posses with stray puppy, Baby, photo by Adam Elmakias
Photo: Adam Elmakias 

What makes the band’s success even more exciting is the fact that they’re hugely compassionate animal lovers. See for yourself in this awesome interview with Jake and Cam, in which they dish on why they went veg and also tell us the cutest story ever—about a little pup named Baby, whom they adopted while on the road! SWOON!

So watching Earthlings inspired Cam to go vegan, and after Jake met our tour crew at Bamboozle, he was extra-inspired by both peta2 and Cam to make the connection and go vegetarian. The guys know how easy it is to find good veggie food on the road, and we know that you know how simple this can be, too!

Everybody loves dogs, and I think the important thing is to extend that to other animals … to show the respect to all the animals that get used for food

Rescue dog, Baby, found by Tonight Alive on tour
Photo: Jenna McDougall 

Every year, millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters because the animals outnumber potential adopters and there just aren’t enough good homes for them. It’s nice to know that there are bands out there like Tonight Alive doing every little bit that they can to help.

Remember: Always adopt, and NEVER buy from pet stores or breeders.