After paving their way through the underground hardcore scene in Sydney, the members of Tonight Alive are ready to cause a stir in the States. With a legion of fans in tow and having honed their skills by playing basement shows with arena-sized enthusiasm, Tonight Alive is being pegged as the breakout band you need to know, and we’re 100 percent on board!

Being a female-fronted band trying to break into a scene dominated by boys is sure to get you noticed. But if you really want to stand out, stand up for something that matters—which is exactly what singer Jenna McDougall, guitarist Jake Hardy, and bassist Cameron Adler did when they met up with our friends at peta2 Germany to talk about helping animals.

Cameron cites Earthlings as an influence in his decision to go vegan. He says that he realized that cutting animal products out of his diet was “the right thing to do” after factoring in the ethical reasons for eating meat-free meals as well as the health and environmental benefits. As for animals being forced to perform stupid tricks in the circus, Jenna hit the nail on the head when she pointed out that if slavery is “outdated for humans, why are animals still being treated that way?” And when it comes to companion animals, Jake knows that the best way to help fight animal overpopulation is always to spay or neuter the animals in your life.

No matter where your heart lies, it’s never too late to speak up for animals and make a difference. Head here for more ways to get involved!