Did you know that more than 800 million people on the planet live without access to safe drinking water? How about that 50 percent of U.S. water usage goes to raising animals who will then be killed for food?

theilr / CC by 2.0

Now, think about this:

Producing 1 pound of edible meat uses 2,400 gallons of water.
Producing 1 pound of wheat uses 25 gallons.

Isn’t eating meat not only cruel to animals but also unfair to the millions of people who struggle for water—one of our most basic needs? The answer is yes. But here’s how you can help:

1. Go vegan. If you haven’t already gone vegan, remember: Ditching dairy products, meat, eggs, and other animal items is the number one way to help the planet, other people, and animals. And it’s easy. A wide range of vegan products is available nowadays, from vegan cheese to vegan whipped cream to vegan ribs.

2. Tell your friends to go vegan. Be proud and share the good news! We all have the power to make a huge impact and save lives—simply by choosing different food on our plates.

3. Stop wasting water. The best way to stop wasting water is to stop eating animals, but keep these tips in mind, too: Double-check faucets before you leave a room (don’t let them drip!), don’t let the water run while doing dishes, take shorter showers, and scrub fruits and veggies in a bowl of water instead of letting the water run over them.

4. Share this blog post. We all have those friends or family members who claim that we “don’t care about people” … right? Well, share these facts with them, and let them know that the number one way that we help animals is also the best way to fight world hunger and climate change!

Doesn’t it feel good knowing that the simple choices you make can literally save lives? 🙂