Troma Entertainment is one of the longest running independent film studios in the U.S., cementing themselves as genre-defining game-changers of shock-and-awe cinema. From cult superhero classic The Toxic Avenger to the PETA-approved Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, which satirizes something truly horrific—a fast-food fried chicken establishment—founder Lloyd Kaufman has no aversion to the bizarre and frightening. Stay tuned for a look at his latest blood-curdling vision.

As the scene opens onto idyllic Sunny Acres Farms, the viewer can’t help but think how lovely this “Old McDonald”-style farm must be for all the happy little animals inside fattening up for slaughter. Pan to the crowded cages of screaming, drooling, terrified bodies, and suddenly it’s not such a wonderful world. Mothers scream as their young are ripped away from them. Animals are injected with antibiotics before having their throats slit. Of course, this is all done in accordance with “acceptable farming practices.” Horrified yet?

Troma Entertainment invites you to take a tour of Sunny Acres Farms, written and produced by Nina Gielen, and see for yourself who’s on your dinner plate…

Every day in the United States alone, 55 million animals are slaughtered for food. In the course of a year, the average American consumes 40 fish, 26 chickens, one turkey, half of a pig, and one-tenth of a cow. These animals are no different than the dogs and cats you may share your home with, and they feel pain and experience fear the same as any animal—human or nonhuman. Next time you sink your teeth into that burger, consider the flesh of who’s on your plate.