Woohoo! This year will be the first time in 15 years that August passes without the torture of turtles in a barbaric event called “Snapperfest” at Campshore Campground in Aurora, Indiana.

peta2 members were appalled last year when they saw the video that peta2 posted showing participants who slammed turtles into the ground, shoved their hands inside the turtles’ shells, and yanked the animals’ heads out so that the “competitors” could wrap their hands around the turtles’ necks. It’s easy to see how the turtles could be seriously injured or even killed:

Hundreds of thousands of you begged officials to intervene, and PETA pushed for cruelty-to-animals charges against participants. After a year of campaigning, our efforts have paid off! The state’s Department of Natural Resources announced that it will ensure that “Snapperfest” never happens again.

Thank you to everyone who raised their voice for turtles!