Listening to the synthpop dance tunes of Crystal Fighters, you can’t help but get in a better mood. Close your eyes, imagine a world full of bright colors and happiness, and just let it all go.

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We love to sing and dance along to the band’s sunny rhythms, so we were super-excited to meet up with Sebastian Pringle, lead vocalist and guitarist of Crystal Fighters. Did you know that he’s completely fueled by plants? That’s right—he’s vegan!

Check out our Q&A with Sebastian:

“It’s definitely changed my whole perspective on life, beyond food,” Sebastian tells us. He has a point—not only is he saving more than 100 animals per year by being vegan, he’s saving people. Raising animals for food is so inefficient! The land used for growing crops to feed them could instead be used to grow food for people to eat. The food used to feed animals who are slaughtered for meat would feed more people if they were the ones eating the crops.

The facts don’t lie. If the entire world went vegan, world hunger would no longer be an issue.

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