Every year, Iams confines hundreds of dogs and cats to barren steel cages and deserted cement cells. Sometimes these defenseless animals go crazy from loneliness and neglect. That’s why hardcore band Underoath wants Iams to follow the “Golden Rule” and stop testing on dogs and cats.

“If you love someone the way you want to be loved and treat someone the way you would want to be treated, it’s like—I don’t think anyone or any animal or any human or any type of anything would want to be treated cruelly,” explains guitarist Tim McTague.

Underoath LetterSo Tim, Chris, Spencer, James, Aaron, and Grant signed a letter urging Iams President Jeffrey P. Ansell to conduct compassionate in-home studies rather than ruthless laboratory tests. During in-home studies, companion animals get to remain at home with their loving guardians instead of being subjected to years in a cage without love, toys, or veterinary care when they are sick. Dogs who stay at home with their guardians also don’t have to worry about having chunks of muscle hacked from their thighs during unnecessary laboratory tests.

Think this sounds horribly vicious and want to help? Join Underoath in the fight against Iams, and write a letter to the company. It only takes a few minutes (after all, Underoath was able to do it—even with a busy touring schedule), and it could prevent a lot of needless suffering!

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