In an awesome new ad for peta2, boy band Union J climbed into a bathtub to raise awareness of orcas at SeaWorld and other abusement parks. SeaWorld forces orcas to spend their whole lives crammed inside tiny, barren concrete tanks—the equivalent of being trapped in a bathtub!

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Band members Josh, JJ, Jaymi, and Casey want you to tell SeaWorld and other marine parks to release captive orcas to seaside sanctuaries. “After watching the documentary Blackfish,” Josh says, “it really made me realize that these beautiful, intelligent animals should not be in captivity.”

In the wild, orcas share complex social relationships and can swim up to 100 miles a day. At SeaWorld, orcas don’t choose to perform—they’re forced to. They swim endlessly in circles, break their teeth by gnawing on the metal bars of the tanks, and are given drugs to manage stress-induced, aggressive psychotic behavior. There’s nothing entertaining about that.

Check out what the guys have to say:

#SeaWorldSux, and as Josh says,

“We’re not going to stop until every dolphin, every orca, and all the other amazing animals are free in sea sanctuaries.”

How can you make a difference?

Join peta2 and Union J in pledging not to visit SeaWorld or any other marine park that confines animals.

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