tenaciousme / CC by 2.0

Do you ever get tired of good news? Nah, me neither.

Well, the victories just keep rolling in this week, including the announcement that as a direct result of our incredible peta2 campus outreach crew coming to campus, the University of South Florida is expanding its Meatless Monday program!

While meat is still being served on campus (for now), the school has started offering $1 off coupons to students who buy vegetarian options instead. Of course, as we all know, the true cost of meat (for animals, the environment, and our health) is far higher than that of vegan foods, so it’s good to see the price tags finally reflecting that!

And the best part of all? As we all know, college students aren’t exactly known for their overflowing bank accounts, so this move is already prompting many meat-eating students to give veggies a try!

According to coverage in the student newspaper at USF:

“Meatless Mondays at USF are part of a national campaign ‘to promote and educate students on the health, economical and environmental benefits of a reduced meat diet,’ said Jenna Burns, marketing manager for USF Dining Services. …

[Heather Hilton, a USF student] said she thinks that students might go vegetarian on Mondays to save money.

‘I think (students would) pick the vegetarian option because it’s cheaper with the coupon,’ she said.”

“The trend has spread to colleges in Florida, including USF, which began its own Meatless Monday program in January after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the group Students Protecting the Environment and Animals with Knowledge accumulated 2,000 signatures in support of the measure”

Ah, another day, another victory.  A guy could get used to this.