UPDATE: Since PETA exposed the cruel and useless sound-localization experiments on cats at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW-Madison), prompting thousands of people like you to take action, the federal grant money has expired, the lead experimenter has retired, and the lab has closed its doors. The remaining four cats in the laboratory, including 3-year-old tabbies Rainbow and Mango, have been adopted into private homes. Read more about this important victory!


Following a complaint filed by PETA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed PETA’s allegations of the extreme abuse of cats in a taxpayer-funded brain experiment at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW). The USDA also cited UW for violating federal animal protection laws by burning a cat named Broc so badly with a heating pad that she required surgery!

A report just obtained by PETA revealed that a federal inspector found “a pattern of recurring infections” and that all the cats PETA mentioned in its complaint had been “diagnosed with chronic infections” after having steel posts screwed into open wounds on their heads and metal coils implanted in their eyes. The USDA noted that some cats, including one named Slinky, have died because of these infections and that one cat named NJ even had to have her eye removed after the metal coil became the site of frequent serious infections. 🙁

The government report includes never-before-seen shocking photos of NJ, Broc, and the five other mutilated cats who are still alive and suffering in the laboratory!

Cat in UW Madison's lab. NJ at UW Madison's lab.

UW tortures animals and doesn’t mind twisting the truth about it. It even claimed in interviews that the government had not verified any of PETA’s allegations and that it wasn’t cited for its abuse of cats—all while trying to appeal the government’s citation!

Help Broc, NJ, and the other cats suffering miserably at UW’s labs! Ask UW put a stop to these cruel experiments immediately.