1. Your parents’ reaction when you first tell them that you’re going vegan is:

pic 1


2. And they always seem to forget that you’re vegan.

pic 2

Uhhh… That kinda defeats the WHOLE purpose.

3. Or they simply say:


pic 3

Seriously tho…


4. You knew what durian smelled like before it was cool.


 Uhhh, scratch that. Durian will NEVER be cool. #SmellsLikeAss


5. You can’t even trust your own people.

pic 4..Really? REALLY?!


6. Sure, veganism is not even a concept in some Asian cultures, but you still have hope for the future.

pic 6


7. And you’ve become a BADASS in the kitchen.

Cant Touch This


8. Meeting another vegan Asian makes you feel like:



9. Rice to you is what water is to every species on this damn planet.


Bags of Imported Rice in Market - Elmina - Ghana | Adam Jones | CC BY-SA 2.0 

10. Happiness is discovering a vegetarian dish at an Asian restaurant that DOESN’T contain fish sauce.



11. Your folks may not fully comprehend your love for companion animals.

excited dog

TRF_Mr_Hyde | Funny Awesome Animals 7 | CC by 2.0 

12. And people LOVE to ask if you eat dogs.

pic 12

Come on now…


13. You’re pretty much the only Asian you know who ISN’T obsessed with Korean BBQ.


Baby octopus | Ben Husmann | CC BY 2.0 

14. Unless, of course, it’s made with Gardein meat alternatives.

pic 14


15. Some of your friends think you’re borderline ridic.



16. It doesn’t matter, though, because you’re ALWAYS happy to be a voice for the animals in your community! <3

Asian Activists


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