Let’s be real—it’s cool to care about animals! Everyone is trying vegan, from one of our fave celebs, Miley Cyrus, to YouTube stars like Jenna Marbles. And in addition to the many long-time plant-strong stars, it’s clear that the list of super-baller and compassionate celebs just keeps on growing in #TheYearOfVegan:

Miley Cyrus

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Is it just us, or is Miley on point when it comes to speaking up about animal rights?! We love her awesome vegan posts and that she’s always repping her plant-based lifestyle on IG.

Jenna Marbles

Can we get a “heck yes”?! Not only do we love Jenna’s super-hilarious YouTube videos, she’s now also vegan, which means that she’s ditched dairy foods and is sharing super-awesome recipes—like her vegan risotto! YUM.

Waka Flocka Flame


Not only does rapper Waka Flocka Flame encourage his fans to report animal abuse, he’s also anti-fur and vegan! We  that Waka is so woke.

Nash Grier

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We love it when social media stars use their fame for good! Nash made going vegan his New Year’s resolution. What a rad idea! You, too, can save animals’ lives by pledging to go vegan.

Davey Havok

davey havok vegan psa hi resThrowback to our exclusive interview with rock icon Davey Havok! When it comes to his lifestyle choices, Davey tells peta2 that “being vegan is part of that desire to be able to consume foods that I know help my body, rather than destroy my body.”


RZA "I Am Vegan" peta2 PSAWe totally agree with RZA: Plant-based lifestyles are definitely getting us on track for “a better tomorrow.”  RZA doesn’t “need a dead animal or dead piece of flesh” to go into his “live body.” #word

Travis Barker

Who's ready for #2016 ? #ChefITO

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The Blink-182 drummer and long-time vegetarian/vegan has us inspired for an awesome #TheYearOfVegan. We love the band’s new song, and we’re super-excited for its upcoming album.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam knows that there are so many benefits to going vegan! If you need more reasons than saving animals’ lives and protecting the environment, look no further.


KalelDownAdNot only are we hooked on Kalel’s vegan taste-testing videos, we that she’s not down with down! In her campaign for peta2, she reminds us that “the feathers used in pillows, jackets, bedding, and sleeping bags are ripped from geese and ducks, sometimes while they’re still alive.”

Ariana Grande

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We will never forget the joyous day that Ariana announced her new lifestyle! Saving 100 or more animals’ lives each year… mom alert!

Daniella Monet

#TBT to when Daniella was a real-life mermaid to remind us how important it is to remember that fish are friends, not food! Fish feel pain and suffer as much as cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other animals who are used for food.

Nina and Randa Nelson

YouTube babes Nina and Randa show us just how fun and easy it is to choose to eat healthy and delish vegan food. And if you’re looking for even more meat- and dairy-free recipe and food ideas, peta2 has you covered.

Jona Weinhofen

Dreams can come true! @benandjerrys for the first time ever ?? #vegan #choosecrueltyfree edit: found it at @target

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If you’re looking for some vegan lifestyle inspiration, look no further than Jona’s awesome IG account. Let’s be honest—he is cool AF. And he knows that Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy flavors are where it’s at!

Anthony Padilla

We’re big fans of Smosh‘s Anthony Padilla, and we dig that he’s vegan too! We love his hilarious content—like this vegan challenge, which has us inspired to give some of these awesome new plant-based products a try!

Tia Blanco

tia blanco hi res veg adProfessional surfer Tia Blanco is living proof that athletes thrive on a plant-based lifestyle. She even has a vegan food share account on Instagram!

Skylar Stecker

Singer Skylar Stecker’s vegan nachos cooking tutorial never gets old! All the delicious, spicy, gooey, yummy nacho flavors with zero cruelty?! Srsly, you guys—you’ve got to try this recipe!

Austin Aries

Try Vegan with Austin AriesThe proof is in the vegan pudding—saving animals’ lives, protecting the environment, and looking out for your health are some major reasons why Austin Aries wants YOU to try vegan.

Ellie Goulding

Ready to feel leaner and healthier? Ellie shows us just how awesome being compassionate looks and feels!

Torrey DeVitto

Torrey DeVitto Skins AdIf it means educating people about how important it is to wear vegan, Torrey’s not afraid to show some skin. When it comes to vegan fashion, she’s our style icon.

Jenna McDougall

Not only is Jenna the lead vocalist in the awesome Aussie band Tonight Alive, her IG is also delicious proof that it’s totally possible to be vegan while on tour.


When it comes to a meat- and dairy-free lifestyle, musician Raury knows what’s up! Check out this video, where he makes vegan blueberry muffins with Waka Flocka Flame, and tells us how easy it is to get plenty of protein from a plant-based diet!

Andy Hurley

Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley is all the proof we need that there’s nothing stronger than compassion!

Ian Thomas

Singer Ian Thomas knows what’s up: There’s nothing more attractive than caring for animals!


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