1) You get really, really grossed out by things you once considered “normal.”

2) You suddenly find compassionate people unbearably sexy.

3) You become extremely protective of your fellow animal lovers.

4) You can’t help but laugh when people who eat meat are grossed out by meat.

5) You become almost creepily obsessed with creating new vegan concoctions. (Who can blame you? There are so many foods to try!)

6) You develop compassion for animals you never used to think about!

7) You realize that taste NEVER needs to come at the cost of a life.

8) You develop an addiction to taking pictures of your food.

9) You perfect a killer sense of sarcasm.

10) You spend most of your time getting excited about new places to eat when you go on vacation.

11) You become a happier human being knowing that your choices save lives!

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