Have you ever wished that you could give your college a report card to let administrators know how they were doing at providing students with vegan food? The new Vegan Report Card does just that! That’s right—this fall, it will be the dining services departments that will be taking home a grade. Will they pin it to their walls or hide it in shame?

Vegan Report Card Grades Alabama

Over the past four months, we have conducted online research, e-mailed surveys, made phone calls, and created a ranking system that would accurately reflect the vegan-friendliness of any campus. Starting with a list of more than 2,200 four-year public and private nonprofit schools, we weeded out the schools with no active dining program, narrowed the list down to nearly 1,500 schools, and assigned letter grades to each.

Vegan Pizza at University of Colorado Boulder
Photo by Glenn J. Asakawa/University of Colorado 

We asked a range of questions, including whether or not the schools offered a vegan entrée at each meal, made nondairy milks available, had a vegan dining hall, worked with students on meal offerings, or properly labeled their foods. These grades let students know how their school and other schools in their area stack up!

Vegan Report Card Map Northeast

Check out the Vegan Report Card and share your feedback on how you think your college did!