Ladies and germs, I proudly present one of my all-time favorite vegan staples—quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah“). It’s a grain-like seed that is not only fun to say (weeeeeee!) and nutritionally dense (it’s packed with protein, fiber, iron, phosphorus and magnesium), but it’s also muy delicioso and extremely versatile.

I like to swap it our for rice when I cook, but it also makes a wonderful addition to salads, soups, stews, pastas, stir frys, desserts, breakfast dishes, you name it!

SweetOnVeg / CC by 2.0

You can find quinoa at most health food stores (like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods) and some local grocery stores, but if you live out in the boondocks, you can always order quinoa online. 😉

I highly recommend you try some today—it’s “keen-wah”nderful! Love quinoa as much as I do? Holla at me in the comments below (and feel free to share recipes)! xx

Just keepin’ it real,