These are all spooky, delicious, and vegan!

1.    Zombie Sour Patch Kids

zombie sour patch kids

ACA-SCUSE ME?! Why aren’t these adorable fellas available year-round? Note: Yes, there’s a little bit of candy cannibalism going on here, but hey—it’s Halloween!


2.    Pumpkin Spice Oreos

vegan pumpkin spice oreos

excited dog meme
TRF_Mr_Hyde | Funny Awesome Animals 7 | CC by 2.0 

You don’t just want these cookies—you NEED these cookies.

3.    Halloween Oreo Cookies

Halloween oreos
Photo by: Katrina J Wiese | CC by 2.0 

Same flavor, different color—which obviously makes them 785,966,236 times more delicious. Also, everyone knows that orange is the new black.

4.    Halloween Tortilla Chips

halloween tortilla chips

These exist! But beware: The legend says that double dippers will be haunted for life by “La Llorona,” a Mexican ghost whose cries over not getting vegan nachos can be heard at night.

nacho halloween zombie
Photo by: osseous | CC by 2.0 

5.    Pumpkin Coffee

pumpkin spice coffee

Are you a fancy son of a beast who is too old for candy (as if)? Pumpkin spice coffee is the way to go! Tip: Make yourself a pumpkin frap by combining your coffee with some ice cubes, sugar, and almond milk. You’re welcome, world. You’re welcome.

6.    Halloween CLIF Bars and Fruit Snacks

halloween clif bars

Scurred of a sugar high from all that candy? These healthy snacks are perfect for you. Also, OMG, how cute are the names?!

7.    Halloween Pretzels

halloween pretzels

Pumpkin-shaped pretzels? Yes, please.

Kiwi's first closeup Kiwi's second closeup Kiwi's third closeup

8.    Raisins 


angry owl meme
Photo by: greyloch | CC by 2.0 

J.K. Do not—I repeat, DO NOT—be the person who hands out raisins on Halloween.

These are just some of the many accidentally vegan Halloween snacks that you can find at your grocery store! Be sure to share this post with everyone you know to show them how easy it is to avoid eating things made with boob juice, chicken periods, and ground-up bones—it might be Halloween, but you ain’t no monster.

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Happy Halloween!