Breakfast on Instagram:

Breakfast in real life:


Having a cat on Instagram:

Two of my faves. I don't want jenny to go back to SF!!

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Having a cat in real life:

Angry kitty

Potluck on Instagram:

Potluck in real life:


Pizza on Instagram:

Pizza in real life:

vegan pizza daiya

Going shopping on Instagram:

Going shopping in real life:

vegan food haul

Having a dog on Instagram:

mommy & me ❤️? #dogbeach #adoptdontshop #rescue

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Having a dog in real life:

dog text funny

Remember: Just like human children, dogs require long-term love and care. Don’t make the decision to adopt unless you’re ready to make the financial and lifelong commitment to caring for an animal companion.

Eating out on Instagram:

fancy din din at @crossroadskitchen ?? #veganfood #crossroadskitchen #bestday

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Eating out in real life:

tacobell pizza hut
Taco Bell & Pizza Hut | Photo by: Chris Yarzab | CC by 2.0 

#OOTD on Instagram:

#OOTD in real life:


Visiting an animal sanctuary on Instagram:

Visiting an animal sanctuary in real life:

whitney farm sanctuary

Going to Chipotle on Instagram:

Going to Chipotle in real life:

Cat With Chipotle Chips Collage

Saving animals on Instagram:

Saving animals in real life:

down sign mission

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