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Let’s be real. Instagram is LIFE, and vegans love to show off their cruelty-free lifestyles. Which one of these types of vegans are you?

Happy Hour Hipsters



Signature filters and poetically confusing captions make #TacoTuesday worth celebrating … you know the type.


Crunchy Granola Sisters

FIG LOVE at @rawfullyorganic! ?✨ Eat foods that love you back! ??

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No filter required! This is the same mix as yesterday with fresh turmeric. Feeling like = ???

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How can someone get so excited over figs and zucchini noodles? I’m not quite sure—but I hold a high level of respect for these peeps for always inspiring me to treat my body better.


The Straight-Edge Vegans

EDGE ✊ __________________________ www.bloodtightapparel.com Free Worldwide Shipping on all Orders

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High on life and compassion, yo. #PMA


The Crazy Cat Ladies (and Fellas)

Cass insists I wake up #cat #catparty #catstagram #catalarmclock #itsonly7am

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Listen, there’s no shame in spamming your feed with dangerous amounts of paws and fluffiness. #SpayAndNeuter


The Crazy Dog Ladies (and Fellas)

Riding along with @officialpeta's #CAP is tough but has its moments… #puppy #rescue #AdoptDontShop

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Matching sweater/hat with @rockythemorkie

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Because … PUPPIES. #AdoptDontBuy


The “Can’t Take One Bite Until I Instagram It” Type 

Veggie Roll heaven! ❤️? the tempura Yam rolls were life changing to say the least?

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About to go into the oven… ? #vegan #whatveganseat #dessert #cinnamonrolls

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Try searching #VeganFoodShare and #WhatVegansEat if you want to see some gorg food shots.


The Hardcore Activists

Wherever you live, make your way to your local #Pride parade. It. Is. Awesome. #Love #SFPride

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Using every opportunity to speak out for those whose voices are ignored. Be still, my heart! <3


Celebs Who Give Us Life Goals

Thank YIEW @peta for my bad a$$ gear!

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They use their popularity to tell the world how awesome being vegan is. Can’t. <3


Plant-Based Powerhouses

Vasisthasana is one of my favorite arm balances in yoga. I feel so powerful and strong doing it! I'm working my way towards bringing my top foot to my hand – baby steps. What's your favorite arm strengthening pose or movement? If you want some ideas, check out @AbigailCooperTV's #HealthyReboot2015 photo from today. ••••••••••••••• Snap a photo of your favorite arm pose, tag me, Abby, @veganwhat and @veggietorials and you'll be automatically entered to win this week's prize – a deck of exercise cards from @workoutlabs! ••••••••••••••• PS how great is Evie in this photo?! I asked her to sit and she stayed there until I called her back inside after taking a few photos. Love her so much!!!

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I’ll have whatever she’s having.

Arm burner at the y. #vegan for 25 years…pretty sure I'm getting enough #protein. #moreplantsmorepeople #bestlifeproject

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Heck, him, too.


Honorable Mention

Vegan Pups!


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Back home but missing @king_baxter_chihuahua! #dogsofig #chihuahuasofig

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What can I say? Animal activists come in the cutest packages. <3

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