A millennial? What’s that, you ask? Well, if you guessed a starship captained by Han Solo, you’d be wrong. Chances are, you’re a millennial! Millennials are people who were born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

So what makes you a vegan millennial? Keep reading to find out!

1. You’ve gone multiple days eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Almond milk + your favorite cereal = lazy day made

2. The first time you cooked for yourself, you were confident that you were going to burn your house down.

Pro tip: oil and water don't mix.

Pro tip: oil and water don’t mix.

3. Out of your group of friends, you’re known as that vegan on Instagram.

We just really like food, okay?

We just really like food, OK?

4. You felt like this after fighting off an attack dog in Call of Duty:


One-way ticket to Bummer Town, right there.

5. You would be this excited if the Krusty Krab ever opened up for real … and it was all vegan:

[peta-gif gif_id="4207" width="300"] Veggie Krabby Patty? Yes, please.

6. To this day, Cruella de Vil scares the crap out of you.


Pretty much cemented the fact that only mean people wear fur, am I right?

7. When you think back about playing Pokémon, you suddenly feel conflicted.


But seriously.

8. You’re all about taking sweet photos during protests.

"Hey, uh ... do you mind taking a photo of me real quick?"

“Hey, uh … do you mind taking a photo of me real quick?”

9. For Christmas, all you wanted were new toys and accessories for your animal companion.

PETA Pride "I Kiss Boys and Girls" doggy bandanna on PETA pup.

Penny rocks the heck out of this bandana. Right? Yes.

10. This has happened to you:



11. This becomes an all-too-common occurrence when reading ingredient labels:

[peta-gif gif_id="12129" width="348"] Honey? Really?

12. You spend way too much time searching for all the right products at your local stores.

Cruelty-free guide Tyler

Good thing we have handy guides to help you out!

So there you have it. You may not do all these things, but chances are that you have some vegan friends who do! And just remember: We’re all in this together. 🙂

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