1) “But WHERE do you get your protein?”

Gorilla protein


Literally EVERY plant-based food contains protein! Whether it’s black-bean burritos, vegan chicken nuggets, or a nice PB&J, you’re getting PROTEIN. To get a healthy dose of protein, just eat a vegan diet full of grains, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruits. That’s it. That’s all ya gotta do.

Protein Graph

2) “I’d go vegan, but it’s too expensive!”

Poor Dog Baxter

Dude, no problem! Going vegan is cheap! Beans, rice, potatoes, and veggies are all super-affordable and super-healthy. Meat, dairy products, and eggs are all MORE expensive and WORSE for your body. Basically, you’re saving on groceries AND doctor’s bills.

3) “Maybe you should STOP worrying about animals and START worrying about people!”

Pig love

Luckily, caring about animals and caring about people AREN’T mutually exclusive! Just because you choose to reduce suffering in the world by living cruelty-free does NOT mean that you ONLY care about animals. What most people don’t realize is that going vegan actually HELPS people! Forty percent of corn and 67 percent of soy in the U.S. are used to feed farmed animals, who then burn most of it off just by being alive. If we STOPPED raising animals for food and STARTED feeding those products to humans directly, we could feed a village instead of just one family.

4) “But bacon, yo!”


Ugh … bacon … Did you know that pigs on factory farms have their testicles RIPPED OUT and their teeth clipped without any painkillers? Pigs are extremely intelligent, sensitive animals, but they are beaten, kept in tiny crates, and eventually slaughtered for nasty foods like bacon.

Bacon is also very unhealthy! Packed with cholesterol and saturated fat, it can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Why torture animals when there are TONS of amazing vegan substitutes? You can enjoy your favorite flavors sans cruelty and clogged arteries.

Guy meat is gross eat no cow

5) “Vegans are skinny and weak.”

Vegans are skinny weaklingsAu contraire! Did you know that Germany’s STRONGEST MAN is vegan? And Jim Morris? How about UFC mixed martial arts legend Mac Danzig? Vegan bodybuilders and sports stars are all over the place! You don’t need meat, eggs, and dairy products to be strong. There are plenty of protein powders OTHER than whey (which is a dairy product), and most mock meats are loaded with protein.

patrik strongest man

6) “Do you want LIONS and TIGERS to stop eating meat too?? LOOOOOL!”

grandma with tiger

Uh … no, grandma. We don’t. Unlike carnivorous animals, we have a choice about what we put in our bodies. Humans actually live an average of eight to 10 years LONGER on a vegan diet. Plus, there’s nothing natural about factory farming.


7) “What do you eat!?”

Boy restaurant


OMG. Vegan food is SO GOOD. What makes this question particularly redic is that EVERYONE eats vegan food! Enjoying those fries? Vegan. How’s your bagel? It’s vegan, too. You’re really going to town on those strawberries. Guess what?! VEGAN. Seriously, eating vegan just isn’t that scary!

Baxter dog vegan food

8) “But you still eat fish, right?”

No. Fish are animals.

fish please don't eat us

9) “If we stop raising animals for food, then we stop TONS of animals from ever being born!”

Man with cows

Animals were not meant to “live” in tiny crates or cages, barely able to turn around or stand. In the meat and dairy industries, their “lives” are short …

Cow infographic

… and miserable.


No animal (or human!) wants to be born into a short life of pain and suffering. The fewer animals who have to face this torture, the better.

hannah with pig

10) “Just because I’m not vegan doesn’t mean I don’t love animals!”

Guy with cat

It really is wonderful that you love animals! Truly! However, you can save more than 100 animals EVERY YEAR simply by not eating them. Isn’t that awesome?

Save animals cowsIf you really love animals, please consider going vegan. It’s better not only for animals but also for your health and the planet! So until you DO decide to give up meat and dairy products, PLEASE just DON’T say these 10 things to vegans.

Cow seriously stahp


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