1. Grocery stores FULL of food.


2. Always worrying about where your protein is going to come from. 


…Because apparently, it DOESN’T MATTER that everything has protein in it.

3. Always being disgusted with yourself for getting your B12 from supplements instead of the gut of an animal.


4. TOO MANY options when dining out.

Food Collection

5. Carnivores eat animals, so CLEARLY that means humans have to as well.

human animal teeth

Please… #WhoYouTrynaKid

6. Having an abundance of delicious dairy-free cheeses, because—let’s face it—you KNOW you miss all that bloating and diarrhea!

gas and diarrhea free


7. Always getting stranded on deserted islands. 


8. Always worrying that plants have feelings.


9. SO many online vegan resources.


 Can’t even handle that ish.

10. Constantly having to make compassionate choices.

Embracing Animals

Like, seriously … all that kindness is just too much.

11. Having to keep track of which celebs are going vegan.


 WTF?! ANOTHER celeb trying to save animals? Goodness, I just … I just can’t.

12. And finally Mourning the loss after learning that your best friend’s second cousin had a neighbor who once knew a guy who knew another guy who supposedly knew this other dude who may have died of veganism.



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