Davey Havok is a true champion for animal rights. Unshakable in the face of naysayers and never one to be silenced by skepticism, Davey has impacted fans the world over not only through his music but also through his compassion.

Never wavering from a truth held steadfast—that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way—Davey is the epitome of cruelty-free and boldly flaunts his conviction by declaring, “I am Davey Havok, and I am a vegan.”

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Show your compassion for animals, the environment,
and yourself by pledging to go vegan today.

As the lead vocalist for seminal punk band AFI and more recently seeing chart-topping success with releases from Blaqk Audio, Davey Havok is revered by millions. AFI and Blaqk Audio fans are acutely aware of Davey’s presence in their lives, hanging on the words of every lyric and quick to notice every detail in appearance. Without hesitation, Davey has embraced the opportunity to stand up for his beliefs and influence others to live with compassion.

As a designer, Davey used his Zu Boutique x Macbeth collaboration to create a vegan shoe and showcase just another of the endless cruelty-free options that exist to save animals from suffering for leather and exotic skins. He even showed how being vegan does a body good when he was named one of 2012’s Sexiest Vegetarians.

Aside from the health benefits that a vegan diet provides, you’ll also be saving more than 100 animals every year from life on a factory farm and, ultimately, from slaughter, where cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and other animals have their throats slit while they’re still conscious and are hacked apart while they’re still alive.

With so much pain in the world, choose to embrace compassion. Animals are intelligent, loving beings who deserve to live free.